The Soulful 7 Figure Coach

Timeless principles to build a sustainable coaching career that gives you financial freedom, time freedom and great impact 

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During This Masterclass, You'll Discover...

  • How to package & price your coaching services so you can attract the best clients, serve them profoundly and easily achieve financial freedom

  • The quick & efficient way to enrol premium clients, so you can spend your time on coaching and not on endless marketing tactics that don’t even work

  • The leveraged group coaching model that supports your clients to get major breakthrough results without you having to spend hours and hours on 1-to-1 coaching

  • Im going to answer the question: Is a globally recognised and credible coaching certification really required? Does a credible coaching certification really make a difference? The hard facts that will probably surprise you!

  • The 6 most important things people look for when choosing a coach. If a coach doesn’t have all 6, please don’t hire them. If you don’t have them, you need to acquire them
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"Braja's free trainings are way more valuable than most experts paid courses. If you get an opportunity to attend... you can expect something very unique and transformational"

Hosted By Master Coach

Brajamohan Das

Founder and CEO of Academy For Coaches.

Braja has spent the last 3 decades training, consulting and coaching leaders, individuals and organisations in the field of high performance, leadership and execution.

Now Braja's focus is on developing coaches & helping them build a thriving & soulful coaching business.

Braja has trained over 1700 coaches and helped many of them build a successful career in professional coaching.


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